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Manner Sensortelemetrie

MANNER Sensortelemetrie specialise in non-contact sensor signal data transmission.

It has developed its product range since being founded by Dr Manner in 1991, using its innovative engineering capability to design and manufacture telemetry solutions for a range of global Industrial partners.

Manner’s telemetry systems are widely used in automotive & transportation sectors, industrial process monitoring, and renewable energy sectors.

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manner xtrema


Manner offer standard torque flanges (XtreMA) for test benches, ranging from 50Nm to 10kNm, and providing high accuracy, high speed stability, and DIN standard flanges compatible with HBM.

The MegaMA range extends this capability to 1MNm.

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OptiMA Plug & Play telemetry systems comprise of Sensor, Amplifier, Antenna kit, and Evaluation unit, offering 1 or 2 channel operation.

Multi-channel operation (upto 16) is also available via MxMA range. 

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Manner offer a wide range of telemetry componentry depending on the application requirements and design constraints.

Manner have the engineering capability to develop custom solutions to meet almost any customer demand, whilst not compromising accuracy or robustness of the system. 

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