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Gantner Instruments specializes in precision measurement of mechanical, thermal, and high-voltage quantities. With its creative measurement solutions, Gantner Instruments has developed since its foundation in 1982 into a globally recognized player on the data acquisition systems market. The company is now a sought-after global partner with locations throughout Europe, the USA, India, China, and Singapore.

Gantner's cutting edge technology is widely used for testing and monitoring applications in the mobility, aerospace, civil engineering, oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

Q.Series X

Gantner’s modular and scalable Q.series X data acquisition hardware provides accurate signal conditioning for a wide range of sensor types, supporting both conventional electrical sensors and fiber optic sensors.

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GI.bench is a state-of-the-art data acquisition software environment that combines system setup and configuration, as well as logging and monitoring of multiple data streams in one easy-to-use desktop application.

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Today we can connect everything to the Cloud. Scalable, reliable, and secure data acquisition solutions are mandatory. For more information, visit the website or request a free online demo login.

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