Instrumentation, measurement,
data acquisition & test systems

Including design engineering, sales and
management responsibilities

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what we do

GI Systems Ltd is the official United Kingdom sales representation partner for Gantner Instruments

Test and Measurement Technology. Designed for You.

Gantner Instruments specializes in the measurement of mechanical, thermal, and electrical quantities. Our innovative measurement technology solutions help you to optimise the quality of your product and manufacturing technologies in almost all applications: engine or component test stands, process monitoring and long-term monitoring.

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GI Systems Ltd is the official United Kingdom
sales partner for
Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH.

Specialists in non-contact sensor signal data transmission for industrial applications.

Providing contactless, bidirectional sensor data transmission solutions for rotating or moving parts. Measurement of Torque, Temperature, Stress, Speed on rotating parts.

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GI Systems Ltd provide solutions for test, measurement, data acquisition and condition monitoring applications.

Focused on instrumentation, measurement, test, data acquisition systems and condition monitoring applications.

From an individual measurement device through to large and complex measurement architectures, providing logging and analysis capabilities. Local standalone applications to large systems, open, distributed and offering benefits of ‘Edge’ based measurement processing and up to Cloud based solutions if required.

Delivering projects demanding leading edge design, engineering, performance and delivery to key industry requirements and specifications.

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