About GI Systems

Backed by over 40 year’s professional technical experience within wide-ranging industries including aerospace, automotive, oil/gas, petro-chem, process, power, utilities and many more.

GI Systems is focused on instrumentation, measurement, test, data acquisition systems and condition monitoring applications, including design engineering, through to final handover of commissioned systems.

Delivering projects demanding leading edge design, engineering, performance and delivery to key industry requirements and specifications.

Providing solutions from just a few measurement points to large scale systems, with open, distributed, and flexible architectures. Specialising in Vibration, Thermal, Stress, Strain, Torque and many standard forms of sensor signals.

Considerable experience in instrumentation, control and monitoring applications across a wide range of industries, including Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical, Power, Nuclear, Utilities, Steel, Automotive, Aerospace, Structural and more.

GI Systems participates within industry for furthering the adoption of ‘Functional Safety’ and standards such as IEC 61508, with GI Systems Director Rob Stockham having been a founder of the IEC 61508 Association.

GI Systems has a fundamental understanding of the UK nuclear industries requirements for rigour and depth of substantiation for ‘Smart’(microprocessor based, programmable) devices used in safety-critical applications using the EMPHASIS methodology for establishing ‘Production Excellence’.

Rob Stockham B.A. I.Eng FIET, has made many presentations to IET, Inst MC, end users and other events over a number of years on topics such as, Process Instrumentation and Measurements, Fieldbus, Data Acquisition, Functional Safety (IEC 61508) and ‘Smart’ Instrument assessments for the nuclear industry.